chicon sunday, 10/23/2011


Sunday at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2011 began with the Gold Exclusive Continental Breakfast and Charity Auction which began at 8:45 AM.  Jared and Jensen arrived around 10:00 AM after the breakfast (which was fairly well organized and was a nice continental breakfast with fruit, pastries, juices, and coffee).  An audience member asked them if they would want their kids to reprise their roles in a remake of “Supernatural” one day and Jared said Jensen better have a daughter to which Jensen replied that that would man up Sam!  The big news that was dropped during the talk was Jared announced that he and Genevieve are having a boy and that he is due around March!  Jared said that he is dressed the way he is because Gen sent clothing along so that he looks respectable but Jensen had to tie Jared’s tie because Jared never learned how.  Jensen said he learned at an early age because his father was an actor and often wore ties for auditions.  When talking about guest actors, they were asked about James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter who recently guested and they said that having guest actors who are familiar with the genre is easier than guest actors who have never worked in the genre as sometimes they don’t get it.  They talked about the baseball game and after last night’s loss the Rangers took at the hands of the Cardinals, they told fans from St. Louis that they could leave!  Jensen told the story of how he ripped open his palm holding a gun twice on the show. 

After the breakfast were photo-ops.  This year I got a single photo with Jensen, Jared, and the J2 photograph.  I will scan them in and post online when I get home. 

The first panel of the day started at 1:50 PM and was Richard Speight Jr. solo and to be honest Richard seemed a bit more snarky this time.  A fan asked him what he thought about the direction of something on the show and Richard responded that the fan should answer that since the fan watches the show and that he (Richard) really only saw the episodes he was in and that he is basically just a hired gun to come to the conventions and talk about himself.  That was a bit out of character for Richard.  He was also asked about how it evolved that he became the host of karaoke and he went on to say that when the actors sign up to do the convention that they are told what they are to do and that no one really liked karaoke because it was at a bar where the public was and that he and the other actors did the minimum and stood on the fringe and left as soon as they could.  Then he was assigned as the host and he wasn’t happy about it and they moved it to the convention area but the con planner insisted that people sit in their assigned seats and that it was more like a school play audition because he would announce someone and it would take 5 minutes for them to come to the stage and then they would do their song and leave.  He said he and the other actors did their best to make it fun but it wasn’t.  So after being asked to host again he told Creation that he wanted to do it his way and that there was no assigned seats and they should allow anyone in.  Finally they allowed Richard to do it his way and that turned into him and Matt doing it although he wasn’t sure how he got to look like a 1970’s pimp as he called it.  Richard said he was told he could do it his way but no stage diving.  Richard’s response:  “Tell that to Sebastian’s crotch!”

Richard was asked how he’d like to see his character come back to the show.  He said he’d like to see the Trickster come back.  He says Michael took the place of a Trickster so there must be a Trickster out there yet and it would be cool to see that Trickster make his way out.  Richard said he will be doing a mini-series about the Civil War.  He also says at a previous con in Europe, Richard prank called Sebastian at odd hours telling Sebastian that his laundry was done and at the front desk and Sebastian would keep replying that he didn’t have any laundry at the front desk. 

The ultimate event came with the J2 panel and, of course, the crowd went crazy!  Jared and Jensen did a sideways hug at the request of fans when they came out for a photo op.  A fan asked what Smallville actor they would like to see on the show and they both said Michael Rosenbaum.  Of course there hasn’t been that discussion but both agree he would be great.  They both said that an episode coming up (they think 7.8) is pretty funny.  When a fan asked a question just to Jensen, Jared got up and started stretching pretending he was bored.  Back along the topic of Smallville, Jensen said he was signed to do two seasons of Smallville but when he was offered Supernatural he was written off the show.  Jensen then jested and said the first choice for Sam was Milo Ventimiglia and if that would have happened Jensen would have been the tall one! 

A fan asked if the weather had ever impacted their shooting and they told stories of how they were delayed for a bit but never had a day cancelled.  They did say that Kripke said the boys couldn’t have umbrellas in episodes and they agreed saying that two guys who are supposed to be hunters and not afraid of anything carrying umbrellas would be odd.  They were asked about how much food they have to eat in scenes and Jensen says he often spits it out or will only take bites when on camera or may bring to his mouth but not take a bite.  He also said he won’t eat when not on camera or will only take bites late in the scene.  A fan asked how they thought the show might be different if it was on HBO and they said more swearing as Jensen said he doesn’t do this personally but he feels Dean would have a foul mouth and they felt there would be more gore.  They also indicated that on the show they can’t aim a gun at anyone’s head.  Jensen then broke part of his chair by accident on the stage and they had to bring another one out.  When asked about what weapon they would like to use Jensen said they show a grenade launcher in the back trunk of the Impala but it has never been used! 

Guy Norman Bee then came out and had a fan ask about Jared’s metronome ap and its effect on Jensen.  Evidently every time Jared plays this Jensen dances and it is risque, almost dirty dancing.  The fans asked for a demonstration but Jensen said there were kids in the audience and that it is going to be on the out-takes and we can see it then.

When asked about the episode he directed, Jensen said the clerk who gets eaten by the Leviathan is a friend of his and Jared’s and there was a scene where the Leviathan pours the cheese over the clerk’s head and you see the clerk start to melt but that it was cut.  A fan asked if they have nicknames on set.  Jared is called JRod and Jensen is called Jackles or they are just called by their last names like in sports teams.  Jared and Jensen also talked about their time doing “Friday the 13th” and “My Bloody Valentine” respectively and Jensen said it was physically exhausting as they filmed “Supernatural” for 9 months and for their three months off they did the movies and for that reason they don’t have any other projects right now. 

After their panel, Jensen held an auction (he had done so at the Toronto con as well) and what he auctioned off was a jar that he, Jared, and Jim autographed that contained the actual salt that was used to make a circle in episode 7.07.  The money he raised was in honor of his nephew Levi (he has three nephews) as Levi has Down Syndrome and Levi’s mother is walking for the Down Syndrome Society.  The salt went for $5,500 and the money will got directly to the Down Syndrome Society.  Jared thanked those who were offering gifts for him and Gen at the announcement of their pregnancy but he said one of the fandom sites set up where instead of gifts, fans could make donations to a children’s hospital. 

The final panel of the con was by director Guy Normal Bee.  Guy reported that they had just finished filming episode 7.09 this past Wednesday around 2:30 AM.  The episode, which was written by Ben Edlund had humor and drama in it.  When asked about tricks to directing, Guy said actors who are not on camera will often do dialogue or actions to elicit reactions or emotions of actors who are on camera.  Guy also announced that he is directing the second last episode of the season which he believes is the first part of a two part season finale.

sunday from chicon 2011

October 23, 2011