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Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2011, Day Two opened at 9:30 AM with a music video which was followed by a panel by Corin Nemec who played Christian Campbell in Supernatural.  Corin has also had roles on Stargate but I will always remembered him from “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”. 

In response to a comment that the Campbells didn’t last long on the show, Corin said he heard that the fans didn’t respond well to their characters.  He also talked about his role on a Stephen King movie and he did an impression of Stephen King.  Corin also talked about his time on Stargate and in response to whether he received a warm welcome from the cast he said that Christopher Judge had gas so that made it a warm welcome.  He also mentioned that he had auditioned for the role of Lex Luthor on Smallville but didn’t get the part.  Interestingly he had his head shaved when he auditioned but it was shaved for other reasons, not for the audition.  A fan asked Corin what was in his back pocket as there was materials visible and he said that the one pocket had a pair of gloves as he said he heard it was cold in Chicago and the other pocket had an “emergency rag” which was tan and he pulled it out and wrapped around his face pretending to rob a bank.  Regarding Supernatural, Corin remarked that he died twice and wasn’t sure if he’d ever get the chance to come back and die a third time and then jested that maybe he could come back as Sam and Dean’s hair dresser.  Corin also told a hilarious story of one of his first convention appearances which was in Orlando and it was a science fiction convention.  He went on to say that he was wearing a t-shirt that said “blue collar wrestling” and he was walking back to his hotel room and there was a fan dressed in full Klingon gear standing in the hall and in a Klingon voice told Corin he couldn’t wear a shirt like that unless he actually wrestled.  The Klingon then proceeded to pick him up and start to wrestle him.  Corin got away and ran to the elevator and made his way to the lobby.  In the lobby he heard music being played so he went to see the source of the music and it was Sam Jones, who played Flash Gordon, playing his guitar next to a hot tub full of fans who were in Klingon garb in the hot tub.  Corin said he got out of there because he said Sam became a slave to the Klingons and he said he wasn’t about to have that happen to him!  He remarked that he has never done a Star Trek convention since.  Lastly Corin remarked that he wears a size 7 glove, hat, and ring.

Next up was a panel by Amy Gumenick who plays Young Mary.  Amy was quite lovely both physically and in temperament.  Amy started off by being very respectful to the fans and admitting that she didn’t know much about Supernatural before her role but that the role has brought her to the show and into the fandom.  She also commented that both before and after her performance she checked out fandom sites to learn about the fandom and to see how she did.  She talked about how when she auditioned that she didn’t know she’d be playing Mary as the name was changed for confidentiality but when she got the part she was a little nervous because the character had been so established.  She said that others commented that while she and Samantha Smith don’t physically look like one another per se that they had similar chemistry and after seeing her performance Amy says she thinks she and Samantha have similar energies.  With regard to her fight with Julie McNiven’s Anna, the Angel she said she was given a replica of the knife she used in the fight and she would practice with the replica.  Amy then met Julie for the fist time when they shared a ride to the set and she says the two became instant friends.  Amy reports she was at Julie’s wedding.  Regarding the cast and crew of Supernatural, Amy says she was welcomed on to the set lovingly and that the cast and crew that we meet at conventions is exactly how they are in real life.  Amy was then asked about working with Matt Cohen and she jokingly said, “look at our babies!”.  She was asked who was a better kisser between Matt Cohen and Mitch Pileggi and she said that Mitch seemed real nervous about having to kiss her and that from the instant she met him he had become like a father figure to her but ultimately Matt was the better kisser but both were good.  Amy talked about the scene where John, Mary, Sam, and Dean were in the Impala and said that Jared was talking about having to milk the anal gland of his dog!  Amy says she models her career after Meryl Streep saying that she feels Meryl is a true actress and does her job for the love of the job and you don’t see her in controversies etc.  Amy said she will be working on “Grimm” this season and even said she knows it is up against “Supernatural” but that we should watch “Grimm” online or tape it.  She says in one scene she filmed for “Grimm” that she is wearing fewer clothes than she was initially comfortable with.  When asked who she’d like to star with in a romantic comedy, she said Ryan Gossling. She was asked if she was stranded on a dessert island, who would she want with her and she said her family remarking she has a great relationship with her family.

Next up with the hilarious due of Matt Cohen and Richard Speight, Jr.  This panel was extremely hard to keep track of and did become foul mouthed at parts but what made it super interesting is that they didn’t stay on stage and did almost the entire panel walking around the audience going up to audience members who would raise their hands for questions.  Much of the panel was the two of them bickering playfully back and forth including Richard making fun of the fact that Matt is on “90210” making a joke about the ages of the characters and Matt’s age.  Matt was asked regarding Amy’s comment regarding Jared talking about milking the anal gland of his dog and Matt said that it prompted his line of “shut the f*&^ up”.  Matt referred to himself and Richard as the “f^%&ing Karoake Kings” and that was in response to a remark from and audience member that they are treated with such high regard, as much as series regulars are, despite the low number of episodes they were in.  Both Matt and Richard commented on how they enjoy coming to the cons to be with the people and Matt commented that he was filming “90210”, drove to the airport, left his car there, and got on the flight for the convention.  A fan asked about a rumor that Richard was going to do a webisode of “Ghost Facers” as Michael and Richard said he had seen AJ Buckley at Costco and they had talked then about it but nothing more has been said.  Richard said perhaps they’ll see each other at the store again and can talk more about it.  Matt told everyone that Jared told Matt that Matt’s biceps were bigger than his.  Later, Matt was doing impressions of Jared and Jensen.  For Jensen’s impression Matt did a pouty face and said a few words but he laughed too hard to pull it off completed and for Jared’s impression, Matt just flexed his biceps.  Richard just said this was more “homoerotic” talk at the con.  Richard said that while filming the Pepsi commercial with Snoop that Snoop invited him back to his trailer and when Richard got there several other people had already got to the trailer and when he opened the door a cloud of smoke came out.  When Richard went in Snoop remarked that Richard had changed and asked him to go back and change back into the Pepsi outfit because Snoop wanted a picture with him in the uniform.  Richard says he has a film coming out next year called “Three Blind Saints” and that next week he will be filming another Pepsi commercial.  Misha then crashed the panel by coming in the back of the auditorium and he asked Richard and Matt if that’s how they did a panel.  Richard and Matt went on about how Misha didn’t come to karaoke and as Misha left they said Misha has one of the best toupee’s in the industry because you can’t tell where it and his real hair start and stop.  Matt says Dean and Sam have great hair and biceps because of their dad and that he watched Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s work including “Supernatural” and “Grey’s Anatomy” to prepare for playing John.  A fan asked Matt if his character on “90210” was going to remain “douchey” and Matt replied that when he comes back his character is going to higher, darker levels of douchiness.  Matt says he channels Richard for when he has to be “douchey”.  A fan asked about Richard and Matt doing the jerk on stage.  Matt did but Richard wouldn’t and Matt said he didn’t know if he was doing it right but he’ll continue to do it at cons as a tradition.  A fan told Richard she had a bucket list wish to do an episode of “Casa Erotica” with him while she sipped Pepsi.  Richard commented that fans are now asking to do porn with him.  When asked if they were in the episode “Changing Channels” what movie would Matt and Richard put Sam and Dean in and they responded the sequel to “Brokeback Mountain”.  Amy Gumenick then came out and they took her on stage and Amy said she wasn’t sure what Mary would think of the bromance going on between the two of them.  Amy was then ragged on because she missed karaoke but she was told she had to come to karaoke next year and that she would have to stage dive like the rest of the actors did.  The Creation team were trying to end the panel but Matt and Richard kept going and when it was finally over they signed the banner of the two of them dressed in their 60’s outfits that was on the stage and Matt signed his crotch area on the banner. 

After some other smaller events such as the film pitch, music videos, auction, etc the most hilarious and yet raunchy panel of the weekend started.  Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche took the stage and it was dirty from the second they came on stage when they were singing and dancing and adding words to songs like “big balls” and “big dicks”.  If there is a swear word in the books, one or both of them said it during this panel!  The sad part was Mark mentioned there was a young boy in the audience and told him to cover his ears saying “ear muffs” but the response from Sebastian was regarding the word “muff”.  At one point Mark referred to this panel as the “Jerry Springer Show”.  They were asked about their many appearances in different fandoms and around a few serious answers there was mostly comedy schtick that was laden with curse words and sexual references.  Mark, when asked about what type of character he prefers to play Jacob or Lucifer, he said Jacob wasn’t completely good and that Lucifer had more fun and he likes playing fun characters.  Mark said regarding “Being Human” that he went away from the current ways vampires are being portrayed and went more mobster like as he wants to “kick ass” to the current vampires.  In a discussion about villains Mark said that Darth Vader is a “pussy” and he wanted to “kick his ass”.  He later said that Heath Ledger’s Joker was one of the best villains.  Sebastian talked a little about his role on “The Vampire Diaries” and made a comment about Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev being together and biting necks.  Mark said he is a big fan of zombies and the “Walking Dead” novels.  Under his sweatshirt, Mark was wearing a tshirt with zombies that said “Brains, its what’s for dinner”.  They then mocked a zombie dance with Sebastian playing the zombie and Mark running away from it going “dude . . . dude”.  They then got on “Harry Potter” and said that Voldermort needed a nose job and that he should have been able to afford it much like Darth Vader should have been able to afford a breathing machine.  They did sing Happy Birthday to a fan at another fan’s request.  They were then asked if they could come back as any object what would it be and who would it belong to and they both said they wanted to come back as a vibrator and that Sebastian said it would belong to J-Lo and Mark said it would belong to Sophia the actress who plays Jay’s wife on “Modern Family”.  When asked about a picture of himself, Jared, and Jensen with each of them wearing V-neck shirts Sebastian said he is going to make v-neck style pants and Mark said something regarding J-Lo wearing that style pants and her penis.  Mark did go on to say that he and Sam Witwer of “Being Human” became good friends and that the two of them and the other two cast members from “Being Human” went on vacation to Maui after the season was over.  All in all, that was the most interesting and foulest panel I have ever attended and wrote about.  I think words I quoted are words I’ve never used on twitter or this site ever before and may never have a good reason to use again!  Several audience members commented on how it was funny but it may have gone a bit too far. 

Misha Collins was running late so they showed some music videos but he then arrived and started the panel right away.  Misha said that Jared had texted him at 2 AM the night before asking Misha to come to his hotel room to wrestle!  Misha didn’t say if he went or not!  Misha’s panel was much like his other panels filled with half answers and sarcasm and wit.  He was initially greeted by really odd questions and requests like to shake his hand while an audience member took a picture of it so they could auction it off for charity.  At that point the staff of the convention began to screen questions and audience members had to ask the staff member the question before they were allowed to go up to the microphone to ask the question.  Misha started to reply to odd questions by saying “suck it”.  At one point Misha went into the crowd and stated that this is how it must feel to be Richard Speight and he went back on stage.  Misha was asked what the oddest gifts he was ever given and he said strange alcohols from fans from Germany and a pillow with his face embroidered on it.  He says he realizes it must have taken a lot of time but that turning over and seeing himself on a pillow would scare him.  When talking about his final scene on “Supernatural” he said he had food poisoning and that he was quite ill and they even had a stand in for him at times.  He also said the lake he walked into as the leviathan was actually quite shallow throughout and it probably only went to his knees but they filmed it with great effects.  He was asked what he thought happened to Jimmy and he said he didn’t know but commented on how many beings inhabited Jimmy’s body as a vessel.

The autograph sessions were nice and I teased Matt that at the last con he must have been on auto pilot because he signed my autograph with a heart when I’m a dude.  He laughed and followed up with another heart on this autograph but added “dude” over the heart so that it was “dude love” and he said love and hugs for everyone!  Sebastian was also quite talkative during his autograph and I asked if he had done a panel with Mark before and he said not really but that he, Mark, Misha, and Mark Shepherd had done a panel together.  I told him they had good chemistry and that I would have loved to see that four man panel--I bet that was interesting.

Next up tonight is the Celebrity Cocktail Party and Centerpiece contest.  This year they did not include dessert as they had in past years and non-alcoholic drinks were $4/glass and alcohol I heard was $8/glass so I skipped both.  We had a nice selection of guests including:  Rick Worthy, Matt Cohen, Amy Gumenick, Corin Nemec, Richard Speight, Jr., Sebastian Roche, Mark Pellegrino, and Misha Collins.  Each star spent 90 seconds at each table so we did get to see all 8 stars.  Matt, as usual, hugged everyone which was the start of my “dude love”.  Amy didn’t hug but Corin came around and shook everyone’s hands and I joked that I didn’t get a hug from Amy so Corin hugged me LOL.  Then Richard Speight hugged everyone at our table so yeah I got hugged by 3 Supernatural duded but not the hot girl from the show!  The people sitting with me joked that I should put that shirt on ebay saying it had been hugged by three Supernatural stars and I probably could get some money for it!

saturday from chicon 2011

October 22, 2011