Chicon Friday 10/21/2011


Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2011 opened on Friday, October 21, 2011 at the Westin Hotel in Chicago, IL.  On a personal note, I have already signed up to attend this convention in 2012. 

At registration fans were given a pre-signed autograph to make up for Alona Tal not being here (more on that later).  The one I received was Kim Rhodes.  The one disappointing thing is that several autographs are not included in the gold ticket.  Corin Nemec, Amy Gumenick, Mark Pellegrino, and Sebastian Roche all are not included so that was an extra $100 on top of the gold ticket and photo ops and the head shot pictures (which was another $60 since they didn’t sell the one big picture for the convention, just the individual star pictures). 

The first guest was Rick Worthy who played the Alpha Vampire during season six.  Rick is also known for roles in “Battlestar Galactica” as he played Cylon Simon and he was also on “The Magnificent Seven”.  I had first met Rick at the Creation Supernatural convention in New Jersey in July 2011 and I thought he was a great guest then and he didn’t disappoint this time either.  His panel started off with Rick being very humble and thanking the many people who were involved with him being at the convention, most notably the fans.  Shortly thereafter the question and answer session began and among the things he answered (which he told the audience he is very open and what you see with him is really how he is) was that Sara Gamble had spoken with him and told him that the show is thinking of ways in which they could bring the Alpha Vampire back.  This brought a wonderful reaction from the fans in attendance but it is only talk at this time with no definitive plans or script, as of this moment, to bring the character back.  Rick also mentioned that he and Paul Wesley, who is known for “The Vampire Diaries” are friends.  Rick and Paul worked on a project together and Rick mentioned that Paul is very good at what he does but when not shooting likes to keep things loose.  Rick said how happy he is for Paul with his success with TVD.

After Rick Worthy’s panel the convention moved into some of the events it is known for including the Music Videos, the “Yes/No Trivia Game” and the auction.  Typically I stay for these events but since I had flown out at 5:45 AM EST with a 1 hour time zone difference I was pretty tired so I headed back to the hotel room and rested a bit. 

At 4:10 PM the show resumed with a music video focused on the character Ash as Chad Linberg was up next.  Chad is always interesting as a panelist and on at least two occasions walked off the stage into the audience where he began interacting with fans including a service dog which one of the attendees has with her.  Among the things Chad talked about was that during the scene in which he had to “shot gun” a beer, he didn’t know how to do it and that Jensen had shown him how to do it.  Chad was also asked about what he was wearing which was a Star Wars t-shirt and a Ghostbusters hat.  He reported he picked them up while attending Comic Con in Chicago recently.  It was noted that Chad had his fingernails painted by a fan and Chad responded that he feels fingers can be boring and that he likes to add color.  He says that he had done it when he was younger but now he does it primarily for cons.  In response to a question about his philosophy about the supernatural, Chad reported that he has seen ghosts before and told a story about how a friend and he had seen what they thought was a woman near his house one time only to realize it was a ghost.  In a really nice interaction, a young girl had come to the microphone to ask a question but she became nervous so her mother asked the question.  In response, Chad came off the stage and shook the young girl’s hand.  Among the serious questions there were the questions such as asking if Chad is into older women and one woman asked if she could adopt him.  This did lead to Chad saying he has a girlfriend and they are happy and that he is turning 35 on November 1st. He was also asked about favorites of his and among those:  ET is his favorite fictional character and his favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo.  He was also asked about tattoos and Chad reports he has four among them is a version of the breast cancer pink ribbon which is on his right forearm.  Chad says his mother had breast cancer and once she had recovered he and his family all got a tattoo in her honor.

Alona Tal was scheduled to be up after Chad.  However, upon entering the con the audience was informed that Alona had cancelled because she had landed a guest role on a television series.  We were informed that Matt Cohen would be in her spot because Matt’s only panel at this convention is scheduled for Saturday and is a joint panel with he and Richard Speight, Jr.  Well the audience was later told that Matt was running late due to weather and likely would not make it in time and that they were trying to get Guy Norman Bee in to do a panel as he was expected to arrive Saturday.  Chad’s panel went much longer than normal, probably due to the above, and then they moved into doing music videos when I noticed Guy Norman Bee walk into the auditorium with his luggage still in hand.  It turns out Guy had just landed and got the voice-mail asking if he could do the panel and he came directly from baggage claim to the auditorium!

Guy Norman Bee began his impromptu panel and told the audience that this past week they finished episode 9 of Supernatural and that he feels the audience will like it.  He says it is one of the funnier episodes but that there is still drama in it.  Some things Guy reported is that he will be working on “Ringer” this season as well as “The Secret Circle”.  In response to what shows he would like to do but hasn’t, Guy said “Sons of Anarchy”.  Fans asked and thanked Guy for his tweets and Guy reported that what he does is he looks at the monitors and takes photos of the monitor.  He will tweet those pictures if it is an interesting shot and only if it is not a spoiler. 

After Guy Norman Bee’s panel, the autograph session with Chad Linberg and Rick Worthy began.  This year there is no personalization allowed at the convention although Chad and Rick did speak with attendees as they came through the line.  Chad handed out cards about “My Big Break” which were autographed by him as well as autographing the item that the fan brought to him.

The evening events included a concert by Brian Buckley and “Dick and Matt Karaoke Experience Party” with Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen both of who wore outfits from the 60’s.  Unfortunately I didn’t make either event.  I was planning on going to the concert and after dinner I went back to my hotel room and sat down and I fell asleep.


Friday from Chicon 2011

October 21, 2011