Reading Royals vs. Wheeling Nailers: November 10, 2013

On Sunday, November 10, 2013 the Reading Royals hosted the Wheeling Nailers at Santander Arena in Reading, PA. The teams had met the night before in Wheeling with the Royals being triumphant. In the first period, the Royals dominated outshooting the Nailers 13-5 but neither team managed to score.

The first intermission was highlighted by a group called the "Zooperstars". The tandom of mascot like characters that came out included Mario Lemule, Bobby Oranguatan, and Shaquille O'Seal. The trio did funny, silly dances during the intermission.

Hockey excitement started in the second period as the Reading Royals struck first with a power play goal. Galiev was initially credited with the goal but later it was changed to Mondardo with Galiev having the assist. Later former Reading Royal Stevenson was in a tussle which sent him to the sin bin. The Royals capitalized on that power play scoring off the face off (5 seconds into power play) to take a 2-0 lead. Wiles got the goal with Gazley and Kavenagh receiving the helpers. Immediately during the next face off gloves (and helmets) were dropped as Molle from the Royals duked it out with McGrath. Molle landed some intense blows to the former. Shortly after Reading goaltender, Riley Gill, denied Reading nemesis Chaz Johnson, the Royals gave up the puck in a somewhat sloppy play with Wheeling capitalized on to cut the lead to 2-1. Wheeling then headed back to the sin bin, which seemed to be one of their major issues in this game, with 48.5 seconds left in the second period. The game was delayed slightly at this point as there seemed to be issue with a pane of glass in the arena. The horn sounded and the period came to an end. The shots on goal after two periods was 23-10 in favor of Reading.

Once again, during the second intermission, the audience was graced by the "Zooperstars". This time the audience was introduced to Dennis Frogman. Frogman proceeded to start dancing and grabbed a young guy who was standing off of the side of the ice. The two began to have a dance off. When Dennis Frogman ripped off his tank top the young man replied by taking his shirt off and giving the crowd a flex. Frogman started some rough housing which resulted in the young man drop kicking (ala professional wrestling style) Frogman. With Dennis Frogman down on the floor, Squidney Crosby comes out and proceeds to swallow the young man. After the young man is consumed by #87, the squid burps up the man's shoes. Shortly after the squid squats and the young man comes out wearing only his boxer shorts. It was an amusing intermission.

Third period started with the Royals on a power play with Wheeling shortly after making a short handed rush. They were, however, denied by Riley Gill. Flemming from Reading and Rowney from Wheeling went on to have their own tussle showing that these teams are really increasing their rivalry toward one another. Shortly after Wheeling headed to the sin bin again, this time for charging. Grassi from Wheeling and the Royals' Cajkovsky had an exchanged which resulted in unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for each of them but no goals were scored on the power play. Reading then gave up a series of penalties which really tested the penalty kill but Reading ended up victorious 2-1. Wiles gets the first star of the game and was also the scheduled player autograph session after the game.