Getting Ready for Hockey Season

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The NHL may be in a lock out but we have plenty of options available to us with regards to professional hockey. Both the AHL and the ECHL offer great, affordable options for hockey. While I will miss watching games almost every night using my "Center Ice" package from home, seeing live hockey at an affordable price is great.

To get this page started, I want to focus on the 2012-2013 Reading Royals. This year the Royals are in an exclusive affiliation with the Washington Capitals and their AHL affiliate, the Hershey Bears. While I am quite excited to see the Royals and Bears affiliated with one another as it just makes sense from a location standpoint, I am not happy about the Capitals affiliation. Being a Penguins fan, the Capitals are one of my favorite teams…to boo and root against. So it will be with somewhat of a heavy heart that I will be rooting for Capitals prospects. One thing I can say is I will not be buying a Capitals jersey!

The first game of the season will be on Saturday, October 13, 2012 as the Royals will take on one of their rivals, the Trenton Titans. Prior to the season starting there will be an event for full season ticket holders on Wednesday, October 10, 2012. I attended last year for the first time and it was a great event. All of the active players are in attendance and offering free autographs. Last year I purchased a jersey and had it signed by the players. I am thinking I will do the same this year.

The current roster of players is as follows:

Goalies: Alexandre Beaudry and Kevin Beech

Centers: Julie Cayer, Ethan Cox, Chris Langkow, Yannick Tifu

Forwards: Justin Kemmerer, Trevor Lewis, Levi Lind, Matt Moffat, Ian O'Connor, Jay Silvia, Ryan Stouffer, and Josh Wrobel

Defense: Garrett Clarke, Derrick LaPoint, Bryant Molle, Eriks Sevcenko, and Nick Wheeler

For more on the roster visit the Royals official site:

The following players are attending AHL training camps: Adam Comrie, Tyler Gron, David Marshall, Jesse Todd, Denny Urban, and Brad Walch. All are with the Hershey Bears except Urban who is with the Abbotsford Heat. I am happy for Urban who has spent portions of the last two seasons with the Royals and has done a bang up job. I hope he gets the opportunity to play in the AHL although he would be missed in Reading.

Of the active roster I am happy to see Ian O'Connor back as well as Derrick LaPoint. O'Connor has done a terrific job with the Royals. And back, of course, is our Captain Yannick Tifu who we loved to jeer when he was with the Elmira Jackals but now that he is our captain, Royals fans absolutely love him.

Look forward to an update after the full season ticket holder event.