Favorite Hockey Teams

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Happy Birthday to Tux, the WBS Pens Mascot

I have been told that I'm odd with regard to what hockey teams I follow, especially in the NHL. This is mostly due to the fact that I live in Flyers country but am a Penguins fan but I also consider myself a Flyers fan. That baffles many people as the two teams are bitter rivals. But I do like both teams. If the two are playing one another…I have to admit that I pull more for the Pens than the Flyers. With that being said, my teams are as follow:


1) Penguins

2) LA Kings

3) Maple Leafs

4) Flyers

5) Sharks


1) WBS Pens

2) Phantoms (they will move to #1 once they move to Allentown)


1) Reading Royals